Arena Mall // Delivering a cliché-free Christmas campaign

Arena Mall is not just a leader among the fashion-based shopping malls in Hungary: it is an icon in the Hungarian market. The coronavirus has a massive effect on shopping behaviors. The real challenge was to find the appropriate tone of voice and motivate shoppers to visit the mall during the pandemic and give them a unique feeling.

Advertising worked with Nepi RockCastle to create a seasonal-cliché-free Christmas campaign strategy for Arena.

Entrance desing of the cliché-free Christmas campaign
During the pandemic, we advised Nepi to build a transformable campaign based on the shakiness of the current situation. We worked with beauty models to present the twisted interconnection between the real and the unreal world. Through this playful game, we wanted to show different angles and positions.
Hanging banners of the cliché-free Christmas campaign
We delivered the ‘Extraordinary Christmas’ – an exclusive concept that reflected this challenging time – while also demonstrated Arena Mall as a fashion destination. Most importantly, you can see the world differently from Arena: the mall is not a standard destination; it always offers you another perspective.
Photo booth as a part of cliché-free Christmas campaign
Bus stop decoration of the cliché-free Christmas campaign

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