Buda Palota // Impressive branding concept

Posta Palota was built in the 1920s. During the recent reconstruction, the plan was to keep the original style and characteristics of this landmark property. Considering its art nouveau roots, we helped define the new brand identity for the building as Buda Palota.

Advertising worked with Optima to create a modern branding for Buda Palota.
Buda Paloto logo in three colors
Red pattern made for the visual identity
Our starting point was to find harmony between old and new styles. That is why we looked for a connecting element that holds its place even today. This is how we got to the blazon motif that the Buda Palota can proudly wear.
Buda Palota stationery and envelope
Bronze pattern made for the visual identity
We designed an authentic logo that represents the castle style. The emblem was created from uniform lines crossing each other to meet with the roots of the building. Typography completes the visual by making it look professional and complete.
Buda Palota logo in application

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